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I'm a big fun of the storytelling approach to photography. First, I would love to learn about your story and what makes it unique. I love to take a collaborative approach, communicate your vision and understand what you like and what makes you comfortable. If you need suggestions on which outfit theme to wear, I'll be happy to help! I'll be providing subtle guidance when needed and will do my best to help you display affection as freely and as naturally as possible in front of the camera. 


I document both on digital and analog film. I love shooting in natural lighting, as for me, it gives a more authentic feel. I primarily shoot digitally for client sessions with an option for add-on films. For digital photography, I love using my Fujifilm XT4 along with my favourite prime lenses. When it comes to analog photography, I shoot 35mm & 120mm film. I enjoy using both manual SLR film and point-and-shoot cameras depending on the feel. While most photographers have their own processing identity, their signature style, that runs through all their work, I prefer new variation of styles. My edit processing depends on the vibe or mood that I think will work best for the image with the consideration of my client's preference. Whether digitally or film, I ensure that my photographs always reflect my creative touch. I'm always open to experimentation and I always thrive to enhance my craft throughout my photography journey. 

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35mm film

Shot with Kodak TMAX100 B&W 35 mm analog film

film vs. digital

Frequently Asked 

  • What camera do you shoot with?
    I'm currently using my Fujifilm XT4s for digital photography. For analog film🎞️, my go-to ones I use for shoots are the following: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F 55mm f1.8, Canon EOS 500N 50mm f1.8, Fujifilm gA645(60mm) medium format, Fujifilm Klasse W (28mm), Kodak Ektar H35 & Holga 120Gcfn (for "disposable film vibe" creative look).
  • Do you shoot weddings by chance?
    I'm currently offering the following sessions: engagement, couples, maternity, family, and newborn/baby milestones. Documenting small intimate weddings in Toronto locations with up to 50 people or under is definitely something I'd be interested in depending on my availability. Please inquire for more details.
  • Where are you based?
    I'm based in Toronto, Ontario and currently only offer my services around Toronto area. There's a lot of awesome free photoshoot locations in Toronto I can recommend or we can also do in-home photo session if you prefer! (*Clients are responsible for booking or purchasing photo permits for studio rentals or other private property locations of choice.)
  • What to wear to your photoshoot?
    Here are my tips! Avoid clothing with distracting bright colours and prints/patterns as well as obvious brand logos. A splash of colour and subtle patterns are ok as long is it well coordinated with other outfits and compliment the location of your shoot. Choosing neutral or earthy tone palette is always a safe bet, such as beige, off-white, sky blue, sage green, dusty pink, muted yellow and shades of brown. I also suggest picking colours that best complements your natural skin tone. You can use the "rule of three" (3 colours that work well together) when picking out a family outfit. Play around with textures and layers that compliment your figure and movements and incorporate easy props, just don't over do it! Remember less is more and it is best to look as natural as possible for your photos. Most importantly, wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, confident and more like yourself!
  • Why film?
    Analog film can add a unique feel/element to your photos, that's why I highly encourage it. It just allows you to capture moments in one perfect shot and gives you that feeling of 'nostalgia'. I'm always obsessed with how authentic, natural and 'vintagey' the images look like and I find them more appealing. For this reason, I prefer not to edit the scans once I get them back from the lab. I just love the grain and the little imperfections in each frame. 🎞️
  • Do you send RAW files?
    The answer is NO. I do not send unedited RAW files. I take my time to carefully edit your images to bring out the beauty of your unique story. I encourage clients to communicate with me in advance their vision and the kind of vibe they're going for in their final photos. Editing is part of my creative process and is what makes your session complete.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    My turnaround times for most sessions is 1 - 2 weeks and during the busier times, it can take 2 - 3 weeks. Also, I offer 24 hour sneak peaks for my digital photography.
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