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analog film and digital portrait photographer

A digital & analog film
photographer based in Toronto, Canada.
My name is Avegail, you can call me AVE ("Ah-veee").

toronto digital and analog film photographer

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

toronto digital and analog film photographer

Facts about me:

+ I'm a full-time nurse and free-lance photographer on the side.

+ I shoot both digital and film but I'm more film biased.

+ I am guilty of hoarding vintage film cameras.

+ I love shooting street photography on film during my free time. 

I love thrifting and DYI-ing stuff.

I'm a dog mama to Leo (the cutest shih-tzu), and a wife to a very silly but

   always reliable Weston.

I'm one of those who loves and appreciates any works of art and beautiful


I love to travel and search high-and-low for new and interesting food


+ Lastly, I love a good cappuccino and kimchi stew

"My vision is to share my passion for both analog and digital photography to my clients. I want to offer you the best of both worlds while capturing the most special moments of your lives"

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions and would like to collaborate. I can't wait to hear from you!

Visit some of my favourite galleries here. 

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